Gulf Pride

​Gulf Pride

Stop-and-go city rides, particularly for short distances, can have a serious impact on your motorcycle engine. These short trips can put immense stress on the engine oil leading to premature oil degradation. It may prevent your engine from responding quickly and reliably when you’re ready to accelerate. That’s why we formulated Gulf Pride Lubricants. To assist your motorcycle in meeting the unique demands of city riding, giving you a faster and smoother commute.

Gulf Pride

Discover peak performance​ With our motorcycle oil​

A solution for city streets

Gulf Pride engine oils. Dependable, efficient and proud of it.

With Gulf Pride’s Oxybitor technology, your engine will respond quickly and reliably whenever you need it. This lubricant formula aims to prevent premature oil thickening, keeping it flowing to all vital engine and gear parts whilst offering better wear protection, leaving you with a reliable and consistently responsive engine.

Now, regardless of how much stop-and-go riding you have, Gulf Pride engine oils ensure your engine will give you the on-demand acceleration that you need.

Gulf Pride Benefits

Reduced Sludge Build-up

Oil Thickening Control

On-Demand Acceleration

Excellent Anti-Wear Properties