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Gulf x Everrati An Electrifying Partnership

As Gulf looks to the future of automotive needs it makes sense to partner with Everrati who are redefining the future of sports cars by renovating classic cars into electric vehicles. By 2030 it is forecasted that 32% of new cars sold around the world will be electric, therefore modernising classic cars enables us to keep these incredible pieces of history as we move into the future.

The first vehicle to come out of this collaboration is the electric-powered Porsche 911 Signature Gulf Edition which is now available for sale to the public. The zero-emissions 911 Signature Gulf Edition is just the steppingstone for what is sure to be a historic partnership. This iconic car is the perfect marriage between a classic body style with a modern electric powertrain. However, this is just the beginning. More classic car renovations are on the horizon so watch this space.

Rapid growth
Rapid growth

Under the bonnet

The classic little German sportscar looks gorgeous covered in orange and blue. However, more beauty lies beneath the hood as well. The 911 has been fitted with a fully electric powertrain, which produces a mighty 500 horsepower and an equal figure of torque. This allows the electric 911 to reach 60 mph in under 4 seconds. An electric range of 200 miles acts as the cherry on top. The 62kWh battery comes with temperature control and an advanced battery management system. It combines AC and DC fast charging which allows you to top up the batteries in no time. The interior has been overhauled as well. With heated seats, an upgraded air conditioning system, as well as an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, you will surely enjoy the speed of this all-electric 911 in comfort.

Electrifying Tomorrow

Throughout history, we have been driven toward innovation. Now, Gulf proudly presents the Gulf eFLUID products, which are specially designed for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our eFLUID range helps to improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions and extend battery life and together with Everrati we are working to improve and build our EV fluids range.