Engine Oils

Superfleet Professional

Sophisticated, lower emission engines operate at higher torque, temperatures and pressures, and require robust lubricant technology to address the core issues of deposit, wear, and acid neutralisation and corrosion. Gulf Superfleet, helps sophisticated engines fight against wear, and deposit build-up, and neutralises harmful acidic combustion by products preventing corrosion, maximalising drain oil interval, and reducing maintenance cost and Total Cost of Ownership to today’s modern fleet.​

Superfleet Supreme

Soot and other undesirable combustion by-products can cause problems in an engine such as deposit build-up, premature oil thickening and soot induced wear. This can result in engine downtime and increased maintenance costs. Gulf Supreme Duty helps to minimise soot build-up in the engine ensuring the engine runs cleaner for longer, delivering better maintained engine with reduced downtime.

Super Duty

Enduring harsh driving conditions, older generation engines can be subject to fluctuating and intense loads, which can lead to unusual wear, negatively impacting engine life. Gulf Super Duty helps protect engine components against excessive wear to provide longer engine life.​